WeKnow - A new way to manage knowledge at Banca Mediolanum.

About 1000 people from the Banca Mediolanum contact center produce and use knowledge in real time to respond more effectively to customers.


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Customer support is a fundamental element of Banca Mediolanum service model. In order to be fast and effective, contact center employees must manage a continuous and relevant flow of information.

The WeKnow knowledge sharing platform allows to centralize knowledge management in a single system, ensuring the traceability of the content generation and the approval process and facilitating the research and use of the information of interest.

The WeKnow platform has been designed and implemented as a SharePoint Online ProviderHostedApp, integrated with Azure to enhance search capabilities. It supports the insertion and management of feedback from users. Through appropriate editorial and approval workflows it allows to automatically import and update contents created and managed within dedicated systems.