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A passion for challenge, continuous improvement and the desire to be as fast as Innovation, brought us together and still characterizes us today.


The passion for challenge, continuous improvement and the desire to move as fast as Innovation brought us together and still characterizes us today. 
WebScience was founded in the year 2000 as a spin-off of Politecnico Innovation's EBLab Research Center based on the many years of experience of a group of Politecnico di Milano professors and professionals. 

Since then WebScience has been able to distinguish itself for a long series of successful projects, which have sustained its growth over time, adopting Agile methodologies since 2006. 
Excellence and innovation are in our DNA, guaranteeing the quality of our methodological approach and continuous updating. 


Our organizational model is inspired by the "Teal" models, based on the principles of teamwork, empowerment and self-management. ​ 

The company's first goal is to create value for clients: that's why we adopt a lean methodology, focused on multidisciplinary, autonomous and dedicated project teams. Teams small enough to grow quickly, large enough to develop big ideas.​ 

l'organizzazione dell'azienda e dei team in expertise area e community of practice

Each inividual within our teams belongs to an expertise area, organizational areas developed around core competencies for the company. The expertise areas aim on the one hand to ensure a common approach and a consistent level of quality among the teams, and on the other hand to develop growth paths on individual competencies.​ 

Each person in WebScience can then participate in communities of practice: groups of people who come together to work on a spontaneous basis united by shared passions to develop and experience new solutions. They provide free spaces within the organization for individual experimentation and growth. 


We are a large team working synergistically from 3 locations:

le sedi di WebScience a Milano, Lecce e Sofia


Viale E.Jenner 51, 20159 Milano 

+39 02 69773.1


Via Merine 36, 73100 Lecce 

+39 0832 1778061


Operational office: 

35 Akademik Boris Stefanov Street , 1700 Studentski Kompleks, Sofia, Bulgaria 

Registered office: 

Sofia - 1000, Obl. Sofia, 14 Georgi Benkovski Str, UIC 206 920 406


Stefano Mainetti

Executive Chairman


Francesco Micotti

Chief Executive Officer


Massimo Ficagna

Co-founder | CEO WS-B


Andrea Buzzi

Integration Manager



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