Our mindset and the values that make us different

We build value for our customers, through long-term alliances inspired by the principles of Agile. With this approach, we help our customers to face the most innovative challenges of digital transformation, combining technological and organizational innovation, because only this union creates true innovation.


The beliefs that guide us

Passion for concrete innovation

Needs of our customers become our own needs; together with them we create solutions that bring real and impactful changes.

Team working

We get the best results by working together: teams that are small enough to grow quickly, big enough to develop big ideas.

Enhancement of each person

We believe in the potential of every person, who could never be restricted to roles, tasks, models.

Growth orientation

In each project we start from the soundness of our knowledge and experience, but we do not fear to face new challenges to generate real innovation.


Our behaviors


Give and create trust


Appreciate team working


Act transparently and responsibly


Give priority to value creation


Embrace the change


Endlessly try and learn new things


Search and respect the contribution of each person


Ease dialogue and sharing


Continuously search feedback


Be an example for other people

Our history

Excellence and innovation are part of our DNA

Passion for the challenge, continuous improvement and desire to be as fast as innovation made us meet and today still characterize us. WebScience was founded in 2000 as a spin-off of the EBLab Research Center of Politecnico Innovazione, based on the long experience of a group of professors from Milan Politechnic university and professionals. Since then, WebScience has been able to distinguish itself for a long series of successful projects, which have over time supported its growth, adopting Agile methodologies since 2006. A growth of skills, values, concrete experience to support our customers, in unique and innovative ways. Today we are over 70 people, shared between Milan and Lecce offices.