Agile Digital Factory

We are an Agile Digital Factory: by experimenting and learning iteratively, we enable companies to seize the business opportunities enabled by digital innovation.


WebScience is an Agile Digital Factory: we are a software house whose goal is to accompany clients in the process of digital transformation, identifying and seizing present and future business opportunities for companies. 
The Agile methodological approach is the only one that can guarantee the success of digital transformation projects, ensuring maximum flexibility and adaptation to the constant changes in the project scope. In contrast, the traditional approach in a constantly evolving environment is anachronistic and outdated, conditioned by excessive rigidity resulting in a high workload to vary the a priori prefixed activity plan.

We adapt the Agile methodology to the needs of different clients and the peculiarities of different teams. the mindset is fixed though, as the principles and the ultimate goal: to create value together with our clients, not simply to meet a priori defined requirements. 
This means not only managing change but welcoming and enhancing it, learning from experience and maintaining the common orientation in the direction of value generation. 
To achieve this, we work by iterations, collecting feedback and verifying the results obtained on an ongoing basis.

We experiment, measure and test frequently, collaborating with our clients through a co-design approach to develop tailored digital solutions. 
We establish long-term relationships with our clients, based on trust and collaboration for mutual satisfaction. By increasing people's motivation and productivity, we achieve higher quality results in less time

i benefici dell'agile: engagement, time-to-market, quality, productivity


The flexibility and speed achieved in our Agile teams depend on their multidisciplinary nature: the skills we have enable us to initiate large digital transformation projects, having a 360° view of the entire innovation process

We adopt a variable mix of skills depending on the phase of the project, but, to avoid bottlenecks and sequential "siloed" work, we maintain all skills in all iterations.

team multidisciplinari con mix di competenze: business case e process design, UX, Digital Architecture, DevOps, Adoption e Change Management


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